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Weapons Crimes Attorney in Morristown

Aggressively Defending Offenses Involving Weapons

Weapons crimes are offenses involving the possession, distribution, sale, or use of a weapon. This could be as simple as illegally carrying a weapon where it is prohibited or as complex as a crime carried out using a deadly weapon. This can include both legal weapons such as a knife or gun, or illegal weapons including grenades, automatic rifles, and more.

A few other weapons-related crimes we defend include:

  • Assault with a weapon
  • Unlawful possession of a weapon
  • Weapons trafficking
  • Unlawful distribution of a weapon
  • Unlawful sale of a weapon
  • Minor in possession of a weapon
  • Concealing a weapon

At The Law Offices of Joseph S. Scura, our priority is to build a compelling defense on your behalf. We understand that you are under a great deal of pressure when you have been charged with a weapons crime and our Morristown weapons crime attorney is here to support you.

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Penalties & Possible Sentencing Enhancements

Typically, weapons crimes are charged as felonies which carry severe penalties. The exact consequences vary but could include one year or more in jail, probation, large fines, community service, and restitution to the victim. You will also be faced with a permanent criminal record which can affect your life for years to come. Our firm seeks to bring into question the evidence submitted by the state against our clients in hopes of obtaining a reduction, acquittal, or dismissal of charges.

Work with a Proven Criminal Defense Firm

Facing charges for any type of crime—especially one as serious as a weapons offense—can be terrifying. At The Law Offices of Joseph S. Scura, we have the experience needed to provide an aggressive defense of weapons crimes. Our expansive knowledge of criminal law has allowed us to tirelessly build defense strategies for our clients over the years. We know exactly how much is on the line when you have been arrested. Our Morris County weapons crimes attorney stands ready to provide you with one-on-one attention.

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